Message from Chun


From Chun Rosenkranz, Founder:  

‘I’ll Be There’ was born out of the unconditional kindness of a friend during my darkest hour. Nine years ago, I was sitting in a jail cell due to an addiction to prescription pills. I had no self worth and had lost all belief that anything could possibly be joyful again. Sentenced to serve one year in jail, I surrendered to the belief that I deserved nothing but this self-inflicted purgatory and would simply languish in a cage. I was broken.

During that same period, the seventh and final volume of the Harry Potter series was released.  Incarcerated folks are forbidden from receiving hardcover books because it is believed that the books may be used as weapons. Knowing how deeply I love these books, my friend Jeannie went to Kinkos and xeroxed all 759 pages and sent them to me in two hundred page installments. She even made a color copy of the cover. The other men in my block would eagerly await the morning mail to see if a new package would arrive. At night, as the pages were passed from cell to cell, I would hear laughter; I could hear hope. This singular act of unconditional kindness completely changed the trajectory of my life. For the first time since being incarcerated, I began to believe that I was worth something. I began to believe there was hope. It seems, that magic doesn’t only happen in books.

Since being released, I have made it my mission to be this hope for others. I believe that everyone has a story and that every life has value. When others are feeling alone and unworthy of love, I have made a commitment to Be There! Through acts of unconditional kindness, we have the opportunity to show up for others and truly change their lives.