‘I’ll Be There’ (IBT) is a movement of unconditional love founded on the belief that every act of kindness, no matter how large or small, leaves a lasting and powerful imprint on both the giver and the receiver. Each journey begins with an individual performing an act of kindness, posting it on social media, and tagging three people to do the same. This simple initial act begins to dispel the sense of hopelessness that often surrounds each of us and has the potential to catalyze a wave of compassion that ripples through communities around the world

IBT is grounded in the belief that everyday civilians can truly change the world. Many of us walk through life witnessing people experiencing hardships, and yet so often we do not know how to respond. The problems seem too vast, too overwhelming to make any real difference. We are constantly bombarded with headlines that make us afraid and motivate us to insulate ourselves from others. But there is another way.

Right now, as you read this, there is a growing movement of humans walking the streets performing simple acts of kindness. They are buying a cups of coffee for someone experiencing homelessness, donating cans of food, or leaving a little extra on a waiter’s tip. Project participants are going into nursing homes and chatting with lonely senior citizens and bringing balloons to sick children in the hospital. All around us, there are countless opportunities to touch the lives of others and inspire hope — if we choose to do so.